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The Boma 7 off road wheelchair from magic mobility ltd

Boma 7 wheelchairs come in many colours
A Boma 7 wheelchair with handlebar controls
A joystick controlled Boma 7 wheelchair
Easy to use controller
Very strong good quality chassis made from roll-cage grade material
A Boma 7 wheelchair only uses quality components
Why not take a little friend for a ride?
Boma 7 wheelchair in a small trailer
Easy transfer from a wheelchair onto a Boma 7
A Boma 7 in blue
A Boma in white
A Boma at night
A new Boma 7 getting ready to dispatch
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The Boma 7 all terrain wheelchair from magic mobility ltd

Put a quad bike, ATV, a mountain bike and a go-cart in a blender and the result would be the Boma 7 (Pronounced Bombmuh). But, unlike these ingredients, the Boma 7 is fully accessible to wheelchair users with a variety of physical disabilities – The Boma can even be controlled by head movement alone.

Unlike some, this chair is a ‘No Compromise’ design that does not pretend to be a jack of all trades, it was designed specifically for serious off road use and thats exactly where it excels. Using a Boma 7 chair is a unique experience. If you are a wheelchair user you can access the seat by sliding transfer; simply remove the handle bar release, bring your chair right next to the seat and slide across. It is often easier getting into a Boma than into a car! Hoisted transfers can also be made quickly and easily with no frame obstructions. Once in the Boma you will feel secure between the rear wheels and the long low centre of gravity seating position is extremely comfortable. You get a great feeling of being in the environment thanks to the open handle bars or joy stick setups. Riding in the local park or forest or on the beach, the feeling of freedom is truly exhilarating and we should also say that NO chair attracts admiration and attention like a Boma! We are South West UK dealers for this amazing machine, just contact us to find out more.

Boma logo
Award winning Boma 7
  • Concept

    The Boma was born out of the frustrations of a group of wheelchair users, tired of sharing their lives with equipment that accentuates their disabilities instead of reflecting their lifestyles.

  • Vision

    Inventor and engineer and wheelchair user Chris Swift's vision was for the availability of an off road wheelchair that would give him and other wheelchair users the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Execution

    After 5 years research and development in 2004 Chris Swift and a small team of likeminded engineers and support staff set up a manufacturing plant ready for Boma 7 construction and distribution.

  • Finalisation

    The Boma 7 is now in full production with well over one hundred units leaving the production line since conception. It has received many great reviews and has a 5 star rating by Able Ratings.

  • Interested?

    There will be open days at the Boma factory where you can see and try a Boma or demonstrations can be organised at your home, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

The Boma 7 Comes in 3 flavours

Handlebar Control
Boma 7 Handlebar Control Handle bar control means the steering is controlled by simply turning the bars in the direction you wish to travel. The speed is adjusted safely from walking pace to full speed by a twist grip, similar to a motor-cycle. This Boma is very simple and involving to use.


If you are interested in purchasing a Boma 7 but do not have access to personal funds, there are several forms of help available.
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Joystick Control
Boma 7 Joystick Control Joystick control means the Boma can be driven just like a normal electric wheelchair. All directions and speed are adjusted by the position of the  joystick which can be mounted on either side. This is an effortless way to drive the Boma.

Any Questions?

If you have any queries or questions simply contact us and we do our best to help. We monitor emails 7 days a week.
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Specialist Control
Head controlled Boma 7 Wheelchair The Boma can be adapted to your requirements and abilities. There are currently head and chin control options (switching or proximity) using the Dynamic Controls DX2 system which is easily programmed to suit your driving style. 

Book a Demo

We can organise a demonstration of a Boma 7. Just call or send us an email and someone will contact you to make arrangements.
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Can a powered wheelchair really climb a mountain?

The Boma 7 all terrain wheelchair climbed to the summit of Ben Nevis
Well this one certainly can!! It was a dream come true for an Edinburgh woman who reached the top of Britain’s highest mountain in her motorised Boma 7 wheelchair. Sally Hyder, 49, and her team of friends, family, military personnel and Edinburgh fire fighters started their assault on Ben Nevis in Fort William at 4am Thursday, June 23 2011. Seven hours later, the group reached the summit.

With Lochaber spread below her, Sally said: “I’m experiencing a complete conflict of emotions, I feel absolutely ecstatic that I’m here, I can’t quite believe I’m here and I’m trying very hard not to cry. “I wish my kids could be here and Harmony, my dog. I’m so touched by how hard everyone worked to get me here because it was hard going. “It was incredible when I first reached the summit, everybody was clapping and cheering when I got there, it was such a fantastic feeling.” Mountain guide Alan Kimber said “The only way we could have been harder on the Boma is if we had thrown rocks at it!”

Specifications and Pricing

Specification of the Boma includes – Super strong CNC formed tube chassis shaped for easy access – Comfortable water resistant padded upholstery – Seating designed to accept pressure relief cushion – Adjustment in handlebar position (height and reach) – Removeable handlebar and steering bar to allow easy transfer – 2 x 24V 22Ah Sealed batteries – 800W 24V Motor with custom gearbox – Custom toughened transaxle drive with optional differential lock – Rear 24″ x 3″ heavy duty tyres – Rear 24″ wheels built on Hope Evo Pro II hubs- Front 20″ x 2.5″ heavy duty tyres – Front 20″ wheels on Sturmey Archer quick release hubs – Lap belt – Adjustment of angle and position of foot plate – Quick release rear push bar – Independent adjustable front suspension – Quadynamic four link adjustable rear suspension – Integral battery charging circuit.

Options & Accessories Road lighting kit  (Making your Boma road legal) – Front mudguards – Seating accessories including seat harness – Luggage trailer and tow bracket – Child or dog trailer – Spare battery covers – Optional custom colours.

Transporting your Boma Handlebars and rear safety bars are removable plus the seat folds flat. Carry onboard – A Boma 7 will fit in most MPV’s and larger estate cars eg: Ford Mondeo. Trailer – Boma 7 can be carried along with bicycles for the family on a trailer. Towbar Rack – Boma 7 can be carried on a purpose built tow bar mounted rack.

Pricing Ready to ride prices start from just £8775 + VAT (You will no doubt be VAT exempt)

Are you ready for the ultimate off road experience yet?

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