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‘Take yourself outdoors again’

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Magic Mobility Ltd are proud to be newly appointed Authorised Dealers for the recently released award winning Boma 7 All Terrain and Road Legal* Wheelchair.  

Its A Wheelchair, But Not As We Know It..

Put a quad bike ATV, a mountain bike and a go-cart in a blender and the result would be the Boma 7 (Pronounced Bombmah). But, unlike these ingredients, the Boma 7 is fully accessible to wheelchair users with a variety of physical disabilities - Even if you can only move your head.

Unlike some, this chair is a ‘No Compromise’ design that does not pretend to be a jack of all trades, it was designed specifically for serious off road use and thats exactly where it excels.

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Rider Experience..

Using a Boma 7 chair is a unique experience. If you are a wheelchair user you can access the seat by sliding transfer; simply remove the handle bar release, bring your chair right next to the seat and slide across. It is often easier getting into a Boma than into a car!
Hoisted transfers can also be made quickly and easily with no frame obstructions.

Once in the Boma you will feel secure between the rear wheels and the long, low centre of gravity sitting position is extremely comfortable. You get a great feeling of being in the environment thanks to the open handle bars or joy stick setups.

Riding in the local park or forest or on the beach the feeling of freedom is exhilarating; and we should also say that No chair attracts admiration and attention like a Boma! Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

All new Boma 7 all terrain wheelchair
Boma wheelchair gets 5 star award

Here’s what a few Boma owners have said..

"It just makes you want to drive over stuff!"

"Thank you for giving me my freedom back!"
"Boma let's me do things that would be impossible without it!"

"I love my Boma and so does my dog, thank you!"

"Boma adds a new outdoor dimension to our lives!"

Nothing quite like a drive up Ben Nevis..

The Boma 7 was certainly put through its paces; Mountain guide Alan Kimber said "The only way we could have been harder on the Boma is if we had thrown rocks at it!"

Read more about MS sufferer and author Sally Hyder’s successful ascent of Ben Nevis Here

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* Road legal with optional lighting kit.

Great way to get out with the family

Your choice of colour when you order

Boma 7 off road wheelchair reaches summit of Ben Nevis

Boma 7 Trial...

Family day out with a Boma 7 off road wheelchair

Plenty of power for beach fun

Boma 7 Lots of power

The Boma was born out of the frustrations of a group of wheelchair users, tired of sharing their lives with equipment that accentuates their disabilities instead of reflecting their lifestyles, interests and abilities. By developing desirable, high quality products that embody the adventurous, outdoors spirit, Molten Rock are taking a real proactive role in changing perceptions about assistive equipment.

Molten Rock Equipment Ltd was founded in 2004 by engineer Chris Swift (35). Chris is a Tetraplegic and has been a wheelchair user since suffering a neurological illness at the age of 19. Chris’s vision was for the availability of an off road wheelchair that would give him and other wheelchair users the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors... So, after 5 years research and development by Chris and his team at Molten Rock, the all-new Boma 7 was born.

Designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in the UK, Molten Rock’s BOMA wheelchairs are suitable for a wide range of users, from those who have difficulty walking, to paraplegics or tetraplegics such as Chris who may require a joystick or custom controls.

“The Boma opens opportunities for Friends and Family to enjoy the Beach - Forest - Snow and Parkland together without being restricted to tarmac," says Chris. The Boma all terrain wheelchair can also be put to good use by farmers on farmland or used legally on the road.

A super strong but lightweight chassis design made from motorsport rollcage grade tubing combined with all round independent semi-adjustable suspension and a powerful electric transaxle drive system with optional differential locking makes the Boma capable of climbing 1 in 2 slopes in some of the roughest of terrains without the complexity and battery sapping characteristics of 4X4 wheelchair design. Only top quality construction materials are used assuring reliability and longevity, plus repairs, if necessary, can mostly be handled by a local cycle shop

The power unit carries an easily accessible seating and control set-up that can be fully adapted to suit the riders abilities.  When used on a mixed terrain journey including forest footpaths, bridleways and roads, a typical range of 14-16 miles per battery set is achievable. Extra battery packs can be carried easily in a backpack.

Whats more, The Boma has been expedition proven in both the UK and Africa and in June 2011 a trial Boma 7 became the first electric wheelchair to drive to the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK!! All this and it will still fit into the back of a Ford Mondeo!!

Many customers will never push their Boma7 to its performance limits but its good for them to know the chair will cope if they need to cross some steep slopes and rough or slippery ground - Indeed, customers have been emailing Molten Rock following the cold winter, raving about how well the wheelchair performed in even the deepest of snow.

The First Off Road Electric Wheelchair To Reach The Summit Of Ben Nevis!!!